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This saved me from wasting time, it was the right solution. Decoding the video stream to retrieve individual frames with FFmpeg is rather straightforward. If, for any reason, the rendering is delayed, decoded frames are dropped so that scrcpy always displays the last decoded frame. Note that this behavior may be changed with a configuration flag :. Capturing the device screen requires some privileges, which are granted to shell.

Note that scrcpy also needs to access hidden methods from the framework. In that case, linking against android. The execution also works if classes. You know an example of a zip containing classes. An APK! Nothing is required to be installed on the device by the user: at startup, the client is responsible for executing the server on the device. If you executed the Hello, world! Therefore, these initialization steps have been parallelized. Thus, the file is present only for less than 1 second it is removed even before the screen is displayed.

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Key events provide both the scancode the physical location of a key on the keyboard and the keycode which depends on the keyboard layout. However, key events are not sufficient to handle text input :. Sometimes it can take multiple key presses to produce a character. Sometimes a single key press can produce multiple characters. Even simple characters may not be handled easily with key events, since they depend on the layout. For example, on a French keyboard, typing. Therefore, scrcpy forwards key events to the device only for a limited set of keys.

The remaining are handled by text input events. On the Android side, we may not inject text directly injecting a KeyEvent created by the relevant constructor does not work. Instead, we can retrieve a list of KeyEvent s to generate for a char[] , using getEvents char[]. Injecting those events correctly generates the char '? I first thought there was no way to inject such events from there, until I discussed with Philippe yes, the same as earlier , who knew the solution: it works when we decompose the characters using combining diacritical dead key characters.

Minimize latency

Therefore, to support accented characters, scrcpy attempts to decompose the characters using KeyComposition. Creating the surface with the icon content is up to the developer. For exemple, we could decide to load the icon from a PNG file, or directly from its raw pixels in memory. Instead, another colleague, Aurélien , suggested I use the XPM image format, which is also a valid C source code: icon.

Introducing scrcpy

Thus, icon. Developing this project was an awesome and motivating experience. Discuss on reddit and Hacker News. It has been developed for a specific use case it is included in a B2B application where the user may need to display and control devices connected on USB. But you might use it for other reasons, like typing text messages from your computer, or showing your device in a conference e. Tu comptes publier un article en Français? Moi, je trouve plus pratique de les écrire avec le clavier du PC.

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Could you make it run on older android versions like 4. Also can you please share your app on f-droid too? However,the result you achieved is what I actually want. Thanks for writing and publishing scrcpy. It was easy to install via AUR on my Arch-based desktop and it works perfectly. Much appreciated!

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This looks amazing! I tried it on Windows with my V20 and the image displays immediately and updates quick but it does not respond to my clicks. Thanks for the app. Likewise no pinch-zoom. Hope to see these in a future iteration. In my case the debugging mode trust dialog appeared on my phone but nothing happened after allowing the connection. It appears to be working fine now. Romain, nice work! Thanks for opening the source!

It seems like the issue or at least a very similar one has already been submitted Issue 9. Other thing. If you see what I mean. Whoa, if it supported audio, and coupled with a Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen, this would make a killer car head unit! Could you please prepare a video tutorial about downloading and running Scrcpy on Windows? Your blog is helpful but yet not so clear.

Did not work with my Asus phone for more than 10 seconds max but with a Sony it works pretty well. The computer is Raspberry Pi 3B. Nice work!